Too little time!

Merino/Cashmere/Silk laceweight in Morning Skies

Since Nil took the entire week off from work, we have sort of decided to travel around Switzerland – which leaves me very little time to prepare for next week’s update for the shop. There are Swiss wool rovings, Friesien plus some merino and this time, very yummylicious merino/silk/cashmere laceweight planned for the coming update (the pic ought to tell you just how yummy it is!) so the steamer has been a little busy.

There are no real colour themes this time; I’m going on what inspires me for the moment, especially after spending the weekend at my mother-in-law’s place (she lives, breaths and eats colour, being an artist and all!). The rovings are seeing some action in warm shades with an occasional blue and green, and the laceweights are looking to be some semi-solid beauties – I’m utterly tempted to keep them all for myself!!!

Oh, and did I mention that French classes are starting tomorrow? Yes, I’ve to be at the centre by 9:30am – it’s Switzerland so no tardiness – and will be hanging out there for the next two hours. Afterwhich, there is a trip to get another water bottle for the two boys (read: gerbils) followed by a package drop-off. Ah…a busy day ahead…

So here I am, a little high on Clariette – my wedding wine – (we have guests over and such) and I need to work on some stitch markers plus blog about network switches. Twenty-four hours in a day is too little, really! 😉

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