It’s one of those days again…

Seriously, sometimes listening to the Carpenters is just a bad idea!

After doing some dyeing and packaging some stuff, I’m just aimlessly wandering around the apartment thinking of how to pass the Friday afternoon. There is Ivy awaiting me – the left panel is almost done; I have about six more stitches to reduce – and of course, there is my weaving…but in the meantime, what else is there?

I could always look up Wikipedia for random, useless information or synopsis for the latest films and such. Of course, there is the jogging which has and will come later – I definitely need to get back into the habit of going for my daily 20 minute jog apart from the weekly two-hour badminton training/playing session.

But really…is there anything else? Y’know how they said that an idle mind is the Devil’s playground? Well, it’s true in this case plus it doesn’t help that autumn is just around the corner so rainy & gloomy days are coming. O’well…I guess I’ll find something…

There’s always something, but in the meantime, this blog will just be…well, quiet.

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