Ivy-ing away…

Moving Ivy along!

Since Nil and I caught the flu (thanks to me, actually), the house has been abuzz with a certain air – I can’t really pinpoint exactly what it is. While I’m getting better, the flu is going full course with Nil. Still, dyeing is out of the question since I don’t want to sneeze away precious dye powder and neither did I intend of moving about when my nose & ears are still blocked (read: lousy balance). Maybe some Air O Swiss humidifiers would work with the sneezing and stuff?

So I figured knitting would be a good enough therapy except that I wasted about a day knitting the wrong thing. Yes, I was off to a shaky start over the weekend. Blame it on me not reading instructions properly. Then I hit a roadblock – the flu somehow caused my brain to go into overdrive so I managed to confuse myself properly.

All is good now – after consulting the designer and some people on Ravelry (YAY!), I’ve resorted to the old-fashioned yet very reliable method of jotting down rows as I’m chugging along. With some luck, I hope to finish it when autumn arrives…or at least mid-autumn anyway.


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