Yes, my domains were down.

And no thanks to my host.

Never mind that the same thing happened to me last year, so I paid for two years in advance only to have my provider buzz me three weeks ago asking me if I had paid him or planned on renewing.

Never mind that even after showing him the receipt and telling him that my domain should only expire in 2009, it proceeds to die on 1 September.

Never mind that I run a shop on my subdomain and thus have the very embarassing (and equally unfortunate) experience of telling them that my host is stupid enough to forget to renew it.

Never mind that my host asked me again if he had billed me for renewal when I told him that my domain was inaccessible.

Never mind that it stayed inaccessible for nearly 72 hours. Gah.

Now, is this a sign that I ought to move onto better things? =.=

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