Venetian Harlequin

Venetian Harlequin completed!

Venetian Harlequin
Length | slight over 61?
Width | 11?
Fringe | 13? double knotted

It took a while for me to finish this piece because of distractions (family matters, other hobbies, etc) and brainstorming for the shop. Instead of the three days, I took over two weeks (me thinks)! I really ought to find a way to concentrate on my pieces instead of losing focus and switching to something else like dyeing.

Oh! I’ll say it now – I simple love how the colours flow over! Nil thinks that it’s very Scottish kilt-like even though Scot kilts are more reds and greens than purple, red and yellow. Do you see now why Lapis Lazuli is following a similar weave pattern?

Anyway, this will be up in the shop come September when I have more weaved up for sale then. I’m hoping to come up with at least three more colours for this series, so wish me lots of luck!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

…On a completely different note, ever since I got pregnant, these nasty pimples have never failed to show up. I do get an occasional one or two popping up when my period comes a-calling (ah, the perks of PMS) but this is getting crazy!

What’s worse is that they aren’t small but those huge under the crater type which are painful more than anything else. I don’t know if it’s because of my cream, the weather or just the fact that I’ve changed my facial routine a few times over the past few months.

So really, what’s the best acne treatment around? I’m desperate and well, while it isn’t really much of an issue, I still don’t like seeing them pop up, especially around the forehead and sides (where my hair covers and my specs sit – great!).

ARGH! This is so not nice. ๐Ÿ™

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  1. By the sounds of it, your acne is caused by a combination of hormones (nothing you can do about that cause, sorry) and oil on your skin.

    Since your acne is near your hairline, make sure to wash your hair every day and before your face. If you do after, you’ve got all this greasy hair sitting on clean, vulnerable skin. Don’t use conditioner or hair products around your face, either since all they do is dirty up the hair to make it more manageable. And you don’t want your face dirty.

    Make sure that all of your facial products are oil-free or non-comedogenic, too, including moisturizers and foundation. When you do your makeup, use a concealer with some salycitic acid in it to help dry the pimples out. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser every day, and exfoliate with another cleanser at least twice a week, more if your skin is dry. Put some acne cream that has either 10% benzoil peroxide or 5% salycitic acid on the pimples every night, as well. There are lower concentrations of those available, but the kinds of pimples you get are really stubborn.

    Acne systems aren’t that great since they don’t always work for everyone- everyone’s skin is different, so even if a system works for one person, it might not work for you. Try doing all of this and if there’s no improvement after a month or two, see your doctor for a prescription acne treatment.

    And how do I know all this? I used to have the same problem, but my skin is perfectly clear now. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck!

  2. Margaret: Wow, thanks for the tips! I must admit that I’m a bit slack on my cleansing routine plus the weather here is rather different from Malaysia. As for the hairline thingie, I don’t really put conditioner anywhere near my face but yea, maybe I should start washing it more regularly instead of every three days. My skin and hair is, well, I don’t know anymore. It used to be combination-dry for my skin and dry ends, oily scalp for my hair…now? It’s just one big mess. ARGH! Oh…thanks for the comment and visit! ๐Ÿ™‚

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