The shop is finally up!

Shop's finally up!

When I first arrived in Switzerland, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy finding a job, so I spend most of my time concentrating on my other hobbies. Along the way, I picked up a few more and somehow, someone somewhere suggested that I might want to consider “expanding” into a little mini-business. I wasn’t exactly sure if that was what I wanted in the first but after months of thinking, deliberating and hammering out ideas/details with Nil, it’s finally starting to take shape.

Most of the groundwork is already completely and Simple Scarves is now ready for viewing, albeit empty e-shelves. I do have a few things up for sale but the official first sale will kick off sometime around middle of September. Right now, handwoven scarves and handpainted rovings are on the list but I’m hoping to add some handpainted yarn or handspun yarn and other handwoven items like placemats and so forth by next year…

So if you’re ever free (or even if you’re not), hop on by and check out what’s available at the store!

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