The new addition to our family!

Nil thought it’d be nice that I get a pet (or two) just to keep me company during the day – he was afraid that I’d be too lonely. A dog would have been perfect but it is a hassle here in Switzerland (dog licenses can be expensive) and well, who would take care of it while we were away? I would have liked a guinea pig but then there is that new law stating that you need a pair of any social animal and with a pair of guinea pigs, there is the matter of space to consider. Hamsters are nocturnal, which is pointless for me since I wanted something to play with during the day and hamsters are grouchy during the day.

Then Nil reminded me of gerbils and I thought why not? After doing some reading up and joining a gerbil forum to know more and what is expected of me, I went around looking for these lovely creatures. The nearest breeder was in Orbe which was quite a distance from me so I settled for the petshop in town.

I had in mind two males but then when I saw the condition of the females, I decided to get a pair of females instead. However, when I went in the next day to get them, well, things didn’t look all that great – fights, pregnancies, babies…so I ended up with two lovely males who evidently have been together for a while…

So here they are…the new additions to our family!



Colour | Nutmeg
Age | Approximately 2 months (slighter younger than Emile)
Sex | Male
Personality | Active, curious, furious tunnel digger and very into nest maintenance



Colour | Agouti
Age | Approximately 2 months
Sex | Male
Personality | Relaxed, loves food and enjoys napping regularly.

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