First batch plied…

The 1st batch of Harvest BFL in 2 ply

Harvest BFL Batch I
Ply | Two
Yardage | Approx 229 m/33 gms
WPI | 24-26 WPI
Fibre | BFL (Blueface Leicester)
Spindle | The Paua shell (singles/plying) [0.5 oz]

…and it’s driving me nuts. My singles keep breaking as I’m plying and I’m not sure why exactly. Am wondering if it’s because I put in too much twist for the ply or if there isn’t enough twist in the singles. Anyway, it’s back to the loom and some light spinning for me. I’m breaking up the fibre into three lots and spinning/plying them as I go along, just so I don’t get bored of it too soon.

Oh, I’m meeting up with some ladies in Zurich on Wednesday…it ought to be fun! It’s been a while since I last made new friends… 🙂

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