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Blue Fire Summer into Autumn

Blue Fire
Fibre | Corriedale
Weight | 35 gms
Dye Type | Wiltons
Colours | Creamy Peach, Delphinium Blue (*) + Royal Blue, and Pink + Aster Mauve (*)

Summer into Autumn
Fibre | New Merino Wool
Weight | 100 gms
Dye Type | Wiltons
Colours | No Taste Red + Burgundy, Brown + Black (*), Ivory, Golden Yellow, and Pink + Aster Mauve (*)

(*) denotes dominant colour

When I first took Summer into Autumn out of the pot, I was a little disappointed with how the colours ran/stuck onto the fibres. I’d blame it on me wanting to braid the roving first before the whole dyeing process. Later, as I was separating the braid to split the roving into two – 50/50 grams – I found that the colour combination and appearance wasn’t all that bad. The white adds a nice touch to it and looking at the colours reminds me of flowers, and autumn leaves – hence the name.

Blue Fire was a good one right from the start. The colours are, honestly, a little on the bright side for me but I like them! They remind me so much of shimmering jewels and fire. It’s just sad that I didn’t have at least 50 gms of roving for this. It would have been great to spin up some laceweight and knit a lacey scarf with this or use this for a special weaving project.

Still, I think this is a wonderful craft; heaps of surprises at every turn! Now, I’m looking forward to spinning up these little babies. Pity I just have two spindles. 😉

Just to side-track, in terms of fitness equipment, I wonder if Nil would want to bring his exercise bike over to Switzerland…

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