I'm way behind on my mail!

That trip to the post office is long overdue. Seriously. In that whole bunch (there are some missing), I have two wedding presents – one of which is still not complete (!) – together with another six Pay It Forward packages and a package for the family.

I have been delaying it, honestly, but I have my reasons – it mostly has to do with stuff related to the secret project. I’m not too sure how the response will be to it exactly but it’s more for a hobby and just to clear up some space in my craft-computer-entertainment room.

And then, along the way, I decide to pick up some more stuff to send – postcards, souvenirs, tiny stuff. In some ways, I actually dread going to the post office with all this; the look on the face of the person taking my mail. Eeek.

Oh, anyone with ideas on making custom picture frames? The ones here are a bit on the expensive side and well, I’m also overdue on putting up my wedding posters…and speaking of wedding, I’m overdue on the dinner album designs as well.

Gosh. I’m just…overdue.

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