Another WIP!

Anyone up for some Sugar Pie?

It was inevitable…nothing stays in its original form for long (fibres, that is) – not when you have a secret project on the way and you need some fresh supplies!

Sugar Pie is merino/alpaca/silk and therefore the texture and feel of the fibre (and end result) is radically different from the BFL (Blueface Leicester) that I’m been working on with the Paua shell spindle. Smoother with slight tuffs of hair sticking out, I thought it’d be better for me to spin this with a heavier spindle so I took Lime Spring off The Baaa Spindle and started on this instead. I think I’ve had enough of practice spinning, don’t you think so?

Anyway, the plan for both Harvest and Sugar Pie is basically simple – spin into fine singles, overspin a little and ply it. It’ll be my first time plying so hopefully I don’t make a mess out of things.

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