How to cope with a sale…my way.

The trouble with summer sales for someone like myself who depends on online revenue and has most of her allowance tied up online is that I can only drool, look and try. NO buying is to ever occur!

If anything, sales here are way better than the ones back at home. When they say 70%, they really mean it! Dresses going off for CHF6, tops for CHF5, jeans for CHF10…they really are bargains. At the beginning of the sale, Nil bought himself a pair of Levis for CHF30…and myself, a spring sports sweater-jacket for just CHF15.

Now? Absolutely no shopping. Lets just say that we’re saving up for something really BIG and I’m saving up for a big plan of my own…

In the meantime, how does one cope with the sale? Start more WIPs and go crazy in the garden.


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