A crafty update!

Spinning up some Harvest II

On a whim, I thought I’d do a round-up on my crafty WIPs (Work-In-Progress) and what-nots…

Pablo Dark Spring and Boyfriend Socks are still on the darn DPNs. I didn’t get to do as much knitting as I would have liked during the vacation because I sprained my pinkie during a hiking trip the weekend before – lets just say that I’m glad my behind which has a bit of fat (and muscle) is really great as a cushion.

Then there are the shawls – I ought to block Rosier de Angelique which is more like a triangular scarf and continue on with an olive green version of Swallowtail.

So far, it’s just Venetian Harlequin at work; that’s the beauty of having just one loom and two shuttles. You can’t really “cast on” any projects until you finish the one on the loom. Still, I’ve been stocking up for a series of weaves that I have in mind. I just hope I can keep up the pace!

When the Paua shell spindle arrived, I thought I could resist starting a new batch of fibre. It would appear that I have underestimated myself. Now I have 75 gms of Lime Spring and at least over 3/4 of Harvest II to finish up spinning.

Do you think we’d ever get more than 24 hours in a day?

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  1. OMG. Can I come live with you??? Look at the food you cooked up and made and the weaving and knitting. Everything is so pretty!!!!

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