Vert est jeune

Vert est jeune

Vert est jeune
Length | slight over 66?
Width | 11.5?
Fringe | 9? double knotted

This was another quick weave despite me putting down the loom for nearly 10 days due to the holidays. It was a first, experimenting with the thin creamy stripes and I’m glad it turned out quite well really.

Anyway, I opted again for the double knotted fringe – yes, I love double knots (but maybe it’s also because this is one of the few “pretty” ways of ending a scarf that I know of). I ought to look around for more ideas for finishing though.

The double knotted fringe again!

The soft variegated colours of the cotton yarn gives this a very spring, lime, fresh feel and I enjoy the feel of the difference in the texture of both the cotton and acrylic-based yarn. Despite my initial thoughts about it, I was surprised by the overall weight – this proves to be heavier than the first scarf I weaved. Perhaps it’s the thickness and make of the yarn that changed everything.

While I was in France, I had the chance to browse through Grandmaman‘s old tissage books. Published in the late 50s, it’s meant more for table looms but I loved looking at the patterns and came away, utterly mad over stripes, chevrons, diamonds and checkered patterns.

I have something in mind for the next few projects, which requires a little digging around the stash – yes, I’ll be putting those leftovers to good use! Yes, there just might be more to come!

Creamy stripes against variegated cotton

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