Paua shell spindle

Paua shell spindle from BGD

Just as Nil and I were getting ready to leave for France two Fridays ago, my spindle from BGD arrived all nicely packaged. I never managed to open it until yesterday. It came unassembled – the whorl is removable, which is great – and putting it together is easy work.

The shell is amazingly gorgeous; the dark blue and turquoise swirls are simply mesmerising! I haven’t really started spinning with this yet, so I can’t say for sure if it spins long but I do know that it’s awfully light – it’s at least double the weight of my other spindle, The Baa Spindle. What I do know is that it’ll be great for spinning those laceweight singles!

Now only if I can finish up this weaving AND knitting…

Paua shell spindle
Bottom Whorl | Paua shell, 2 inches
Shaft | hardwood, carved top
Total weight | 0.5 oz
Total length (including hook) | 10 inches
Cost | USD24
From | Butterfly Girl Designs

On the side, at least all this is better than writing about acne experts; am seriously getting tired of these assignments. Gimmesomethinginteresting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The shell

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