Crème aux fraises

Crème aux fraises off the loom!

Crème aux fraises
Length | slight over 67″
Width | 12″
Fringe | 9″ double knotted

Honestly, I hadn’t anticipated that weaving was a fast thing. Now I see why heaps of weavers out there, even those with table looms and such, love this craft! Weaving this up was fun – the colours change subtly with every line and overtime, I became just fascinated with how the weave pattern flowed on.

The double knotted fringe

Finishing this was a slightly different thing. I started this project with the most basic of instructions – the Ashford colourful booklet, which is fine for warping and all – but it doesn’t give me much idea as to how to finish a scarf apart from tying in knots. The Internet didn’t give me much either so I had to rely on whatever sewing skills I had when it came to hemming. I don’t know what the stitch was called but basically I “twisted” the yarn in with a darning yarn (which is actually the leftover weft yarn) and ended it with a double knot fringe, which I simple adore!!!!!!

The weave texture

Texture-wise, because this is pure wool (both weft and warp yarns are wool-based), it can feel a little coarse but that’s also because I have yet to wash and soften it. I reckon that after a washing & softening treatment, it’ll be soft, airy and light. Actually, right now it’s like that…just a little coarse, that’s all.

Now, don’t you just wish you had one? 😉

Hm…just to side track a little, I wonder if there was a way to do closed captioning for this on TVs back at home?

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  1. Michelle: It’s fun! I wouldn’t say that it’s easy because I’m just a beginner and there’s definitely more to it. Am planning to pick up some books but we’ll see…

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