A little weaving adventure…

The start of a weaving adventure!

The loom has been assembled, the warp all set and I have started to weave! HURRAH!

My only complaint is that I have a slightly too large reed for the yarns that I’m using (7.5 dpi or 30/10) resulting is a rather airy and light fabric. It’s still alright for now but I think I’ll have to get hold of a 10 dpi reed soon if I’m going to weave on primarily fingering-weight yarns. It isn’t all that easy though – after spending last night and a good part of this morning going through websites, catalogues (yes, even a furniture catalog or two), I was only down to three sellers, excluding the supplier we got the loom from here in Switzerland.

Anyway, project details are as follows…

The warps & wefts

Crème aux fraises
Warp yarn | TheSingingYarn sock yarn in Cherry Wood
Weft yarn | Handpaintedyarn.com wool lace in Freesia
Reed | 7.5 dpi
Ends | 102 ends

Right now, I only hope that I won’t take forever to finish this. Lets just say that I’ve got plans for this project…good plans. Oh, in case you’re wondering, that shawl is done but I’ve yet to block it. Am awaiting the arrival of some blocking mats…


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  1. I have a homemade 8-shaft loom that was gifted to me a few years ago. If I can get off my backside long enough to sort out my craft room, I want to do some overshot weaving this winter. I’ll need vto see if I can remember how to wind thw warp – I have vague memoies of two posts close together to give a crossover….it’s all very vague!

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