Raspberry and strawberry ice creams

Raspberry & strawberry ice creams

It’s still summer and the golden rule for summer? Keep cool. Munching down on some home-made ice cream is the way to go.

Before you think that this is all about fat, fat and fat. No it isn’t. I made this with low fat whipped cream and fresh fruit (including the pulp). Plus we don’t eat a whole tub full at one go. I take just about three teaspoons of this stuff at one time! The serving size is for four to six people depending on how much they eat and so far, there is more than half left for each flavour.

Yes, we have enough ice cream to last us for the week ahead. The recipe calls for an addition of one ingredient into the one from the blueberry ice cream – just add juice from 1/2 lime to the fruit purée (when blitzing it).

Ah…home-made goodness!

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