The last thing I need while coping with a wisdom tooth that’s coming out from my cheek (Should I include dental into my insurance? It’s complicated – reminds me a lot of the American medicare insurance…) and a visit from Nil’s friend is more drama to contend with when I’m surfing forums.

Being a moderator is never easy, especially a moderator on a female-majority forum. The catfights, name-calling, even the wannabe stalker that haunts my blog! To make matters worse, I’m pretty new and I don’t believe in doing stuff without informing people or consulting others – so the process takes time, somewhat like the Swiss political system.

Still, all this drama about banning people from a shoutbox system to mods not doing crap nothing is, well, drama. I don’t really live out my life on this forum, 24-7 style, and the time difference makes things a bit hard to monitor as well. Then there is the spring cleaning which has now turned into summer cleaning.

Dramas. And I thought I was over them when I left high school/secondary school.

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  1. You handled it far better than me when I was first thrown into the ring of catfights. 😛 But now I’ve just grown a thicker skin and just walk away from those ugly scenes. Afterall it’s just an online forum no big deal 😀

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