Fibre delivery!

Guess what came in the mail today?

Squoosh Harvest II

Harvest II
Fibre | Blueface Leicester
Weight | 4.1 oz
From | Erica over @ Squoosh

Squoosh Sugar Pie

Sugar Pie
Fibre | 50/30/20 Alpaca/Merino/Silk
Weight | 3.9 oz
From | Erica over @ Squoosh

I have big plans for these little two babies, but I reckon they’ll have to wait at least another two to three weeks. Yes, I have something in mind but I’m not telling.


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  1. I so like the sugar pie colour combination!
    I’m still curious how spinning works.. Is there another device attached to it? Or just spinning alone using the spinner?

  2. Elaine: The device is called a spindle and basically it works by twisting the fibre. First you predraft a fibre – basically this means loosening and fluffing it up – kind like separating a ball of cotton wool into nearly transparent balls of cotton wool fluff. The fibres are hooked up to the spindle via a leader yarn attached to it and you flick the spindle to give it a turning motion which then travels up the fibre. And voila! You have yarn! 🙂 You can google Youtube for more videos on this to get a clearer picture.

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