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I thought I’d set up a post just to keep track of my spindle(s). I reckoned I need a variety in the near future because the weight of the spindle affects the thickness of the yarn produced. At the moment, I seem to have a fascination for fingering yarn, which is to be expected when one uses The Baaa Spindle (yes, I have named my spindle!)…but that can always change! XD

The Baaa Spindle
Pic courtesy of Spinsanity

The Baaa Spindle
Bottom Whorl | oak, 3.5 inches, black-faced sheep
Shaft | unstained, sheep accents, tapered end
Total weight | 1.11 oz/31.5 gms
Total length (including hook) | 11 inches/28 cms
Cost | USD18.95 + USD7 for shipping
From | Spinsanity

So far, I’m loving this baby! The spinning process is smooth, long and extremely user-friendly – which are important factors for a newbie like myself. I would have never been able to spin up such thin yarn with my first spindle which is much heavier and more bulky.

My first spindle can be seen here and was DIYed, thanks to help from Dad. It’s not fancy but it served its purpose as a practice spindle. Over time (and no thanks to the move here), the whorl dropped/loosened and spinning on it has become almost hazardous.

In the meantime, I’m going to drool over some gorgeous Butterfly Girl Designs spindles. I have my heart set on this gorgeous 0.5 oz shell-whorled spindle which will be great for spinning up super fine yarn which I could then ply into a laceweight or use as it is. But as usual, we’ll see…

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