Winding up the pink!

The first handspun yarn...

Since I was a little behind on my spinning after a slightly-over-than-five-hour hike and knitting up a wedding gift (which is still a WIP) over the weekend, I thought I’d take this practice handspun yarn that I did last year off the box holding my DPNs.

While I like the colour, I’m not too happy with the texture – it’s too coarse – and overall spin-quality of the yarn – it’s, again, too overspun. I have yet to wash, measure and skein it but something tells me that I’ll most probably use it to knit something small like square coasters or something. We’ll see…

In the meantime, I’m heading towards the last 25 grams of Orange Sherbet and anticipating some fibre goodness (and some Addis) to arrive in the mailbox.

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  1. lovely result…love both pink and orange sherbet, remind me that I have mine in my cupboard, nothing being spun yet

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