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After months of deciding, I finally went pro on Flickr and eventually nuts with organizing my sets and collections. It doesn’t help that I have another entirely separate account for my knitting items and yarn stash; I could take a bit of time moving that to my current account…

As I was moving stuff, I realized that I never shared much of the pics from my travelogue when I was still in Malaysia and moving around Asia. I still have more to upload but here are some of the complete albums courtesy of a nifty plugin and Flickr (naturally)…

Vietnam (Hanoi) ’05
It was supposed to be a break for me while I was in the middle of switching jobs. Turns out to be more that what I bargained for. Anyways, here are pictures from our Hanoi trip (Aug 6 to Aug 14) taken with a disposable panoramic camera, Canon Powershot A75 and Olympus SLR OM2000.

China (Beijing) ’05
We went around just Beijing – the city area and the outskirts (namely the Great Wall of China) – from 20 May to 24 May. Lots of walking, cycling and walking.

Thailand (Northern) ’05
A Christmas pressie from Nil which took us both up from Bangkok-Chiangmai-Mae Hong Son and down again back to Bangkok in about ten days. Plenty of wats, street stuff and food. And it all took place from 29th December 2004 to 8th January 2005.

For more, check out “Photographique” (read: sidebar under “Goodies”).

In the meantime, I’ll be busy with the usual boatload of stuff (spinning and knitting) PLUS experimenting with some summer dishes! (Did you know that most summer salads – fruit or veg-based – can be taken as a colon cleanser? It’s great for detox!)

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