Round II

The first 50 grams...

The first 50 grams of Orange Sherbet came out a little overspun for my liking and it didn’t help that I forgot to predraft prior to starting. After a while (and numerous predrafts), the spinning got a little easier and the thickness of the yarn was slightly better. It wasn’t exactly consistent because I was still getting used to drafting WHILE spinning.

I was amazed really at the progress I made. I started off with “park and draft” and then found myself drafting while spinning subconsciously. Nil thinks I’m making good progress and at the moment, I might just finish spinning the second batch over the next few days. The thing on my mind now is determining the length, skeining them and then deciding what to knit with these little babies.

The second round...

The second batch is definitely better than the first – it’s more consistent and I’m trying to keep from overspinning it like the first. Hopefully when we wind it off the spindle, it’ll show. I honestly don’t know what to do with overspun yarn but never mind…third time could just be the charm (if it happens again, that is).

Oh, we talked about the anniversary plans yesterday during our evening walk and I mentioned how I’d love to either get more fibres, spindles or a weaving loom (it’s for future shop plans) – it’s heaps cheaper than a new laptop and I don’t really need a PC of my own since I’m always on the desktop during the day. We’ll see if I get any new additions to the fibre/spin/weave stash…


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