Making some lifestyle changes…

While waiting for my home-made blueberry ice cream (recipe and pics to follow) to harden and freeze, I remembered that Zona had tagged me when I was away in France about some of the lifestyle changes I have made since leaving home and Malaysia. Why are these changes in place? Well, they were influenced by a few factors, but namely the cost of living, the emergence of another person in my life as well as the lack of my own income…

So in no apparent order of importance, here is my list…

My environment
* I recycle plastic, glass, paper and anything I can such as coffee powder (it goes to my plants out on the balcony).
* I take the public transport – train or bus – to almost everyone.
* Nil and I use rechargeable batteries for our MP3 players and digital cameras.

My wallet
* I shop only for food and household items once a week, twice for fresh vegetables from the local farmer’s market.
* I buy items when they are on sale or when they are absolutely necessary. This includes Max Havlaar items (Fair Trade).

My health & diet
* I go for hikes every weekend for at least two to three hours.
* Nil and I go on daily evening walks for at least 30 minutes. Once we get his bike (it was his birthday present), we plan to go on daily and weekend bicycle trips around town. There are plenty of routes everywhere…
* I cook and bake my own meals, opting for salads in the evenings. This includes home-made ice cream (with less sugar and soon, light whipping cream instead of full cream).
* I buy organic or bio-foods which contain less prohormones (or any other), antibodies among other things.

My development
* I spend my free time pottering around in the garden, spinning up new yarn from my small fibre stash, knitting as well as walking around town, snapping pictures (the former(s) more than the latter). If money and resources permit, I hope to pick up weaving soon.
* I’m beginning to use my French more often and am enjoying reading/watching/listening to French media.

I would tag people but really, whoever is interested can just do this on their blog!

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