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In Cleo Magazine
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Our love story got featured in Cleo’s June edition, thanks to Elsa Samuel who interviewed me via email in March. She had actually approached me earlier, before the dinner reception in February but I guess the article wasn’t slated to come out till much later. By the time I arrived in Switzerland, it was too late to do anything in person so we communicated mostly via email.

I had actually forgotten all about it until Su Yin (and a bunch of other girls) told me about it… Thanks to her, I also got myself a soft copy of the supposed article.

It’s not too bad really, except for the part where they spelt my name wrong and the detail about Nil’s “job” – he was actually on holiday in Cambodia, not working there…plus there are some typo errors and vagueness here and there. O’well…you can’t win them all.

Still, it’s rather nice seeing yourself on print.


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  1. Yikes, I didn’t do a good job scanning it, kinda blurry right? Hehehehe.. yeah, the first thing I noticed was your name spelt wrongly 😛

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