What do you get for a guy…

…who tells you that he doesn’t mind anything but you still want to “impress” him anyway?

Yes, our 1st year anniversary is coming up (can’t believe it’s been a year already!) and I have absolutely NO IDEA what to get for him. I dabbled with the idea of air tools/power-tools but I can’t really afford the expensive (and more reliable) brands unless I dip into my savings (which I don’t intend to do).

Then there is the usual candlelight dinner with a gorgeous meal and dessert/cake…which is what I plan to do anyway. It just seems weird to put that down as a gift…


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  1. hey mei, how about a trip somewhere? doesn’t even have to be far (a hike somewhere you’ve been meaning to go?) but you could prepare anything from a picnic lunch to a stay at a little cabin somewhere? it doesn’t have to break the bank… tell us what you end up doing!

  2. Congrats on your 1st anniversary! Btw, I saw an article about you and Nil in June’s edition of CLEO..what a sweet story 🙂

  3. Sharm: We were actually thinking of doing something like that…go for a hike and have a picnic lunch but it falls on a Thursday. I’ll think of something….summer makes it easier since the days are longer. Maybe a mini-dinner by the lake (saw a few people yesterday doing the same thing)…

  4. NJAPF: Thanks heaps! As for the article, I have yet to see it. I ought to bug someone to scan a copy of the article and send it to me via email. Gah!

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