The days will be filled…


…with plenty of job hunts…I hope I can find more companies or at least hear from them…

Spinning up some orange sherbet!

…spinning…I must remember to predraft instead of rushing to do what the pros do. =.=

Just for the hikes and walks!

…and exercise, specifically more four/five hour hikes and evening brisk walks. I need to lose some weight (gained from every darn holiday trip!). BAH!

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  1. Hi Mei,
    these days it seems job hunting has become very competitive, with people in charge of recruitment aiming to ‘eliminate’ rather than ‘select’ through the applications they receive. You write so well and never seem to have a problem getting a job. Would you mind posting your resume and cover letter as an example of what works? Much appreciated. thanks.

  2. Claire: As much as I would love to help, I don’t think it’s very wise to put up my resume/cover letter on a personal blog. Maybe we can shift this over to email or something else…

  3. Ling: LOL! You’ve been busy, that’s why! But overall, I’m okay. Just got back from France – Mum was around so I was a bit sibuk. Am now busy applying for jobs and picking up my spinning again. Am hoping for some good news in the former and better results in the later. You? I saw the pics on your blog…very nice! XD

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