Are you protected?

When Mum first arrived, one of the “juicy tales” she filled me in was about a fellow traveller in her Eastern Europe tour group who ended her holiday in an Austrian hospital, recovering from a mild heart attack.

It got me thinking for a moment – exactly how many of us have travel health insurance or are protected in one way or another when we travel for either work or leisure? If we are insured via a health insurance, is it necessary then to purchase a travel health insurance?

You have to forgive me for asking really weird questions – I woke up at 455am and went on to spend about three hours on a train just to get from Lucerne to Neuchatel.

To hit the point home, I caught the flu in France. Bleck. Not that I need insurance for that but it was hardly pleasant to catch the flu while you’re on vacation.

Anyway, I better go read my insurance clause to check…

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  1. i never used too ( was never aware of such things back in msia!) but I have been the last few years… even if i go to KL – you never know!

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