Toe-up monkeys in DIY sock blockers Close-up of the short-row heel, leg and cuff

Toe-up Monkeys
Pattern | Monkeys by Cookie A
Yarn | Lorna Laces Shepherd Sock in Irving Park
Needles | 2.75 mm DPNs (very loose cast off by using 4 mm needles)

It took me a while before I finally jumped onto the Cookie A bandwagon and braved some Monkeys for my sock collection. But it was worth it! I chose to knit mine toe-up instead of cuff-down as per the pattern and substituted the heel flap for a more familiar short-row heel. Michelle did mention that heel flaps were easier to knit but I still like the whole “wrap and turn” thing.

The cuff and overall fit, however, is something that I’m not very pleased with. The foot is fine but from the leg up to the calf, it seems to be a bit tad loose and after trying it out on my feet, well, it has a tendency to scoot down towards the ankles. This was discovered even before I started on the second sock and thus, I started on my other sock WIPs in smaller needle sizes in hopes of getting a better fit. I’m tempted to even experiment with one size for the foot and another smaller one for the needle but we’ll see how 2.5mm goes with my other sock.

I also need to be more patient and knit a longer cuff. I suspect that the short cuff is not helping the issue at all!!!!!!!!!! Yes, so definitely a two inch cuff will be on the list for all my other projects.

Oh yes, those are DIY sock blockers which I just churned out earlier today with some simple instructions from Maryann. I couldn’t find cardboard so I had to use 220gm paper and because my placemats were transparent (is it just me or the Swiss just love soft Styrofoam-like placemats?), I had to cover both sides just to make it look…presentable. The cement glue didn’t help but beggars can’t be choosers. Other than that, the project was quick, easy and super fun! These red ones are for me; Nil will have a pair of his own which will be done either tomorrow or after next week, when we are done with our holiday in France.

Yes, he took a week off and we’ll be busy showing Mum around. So I’m bringing some sock projects to work on while we’re on vacation! Here’s the knitting in public!


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  1. Hi Mabel,

    You are really talented. I really enjoy your blog always. So many nice photos to see. How I wish I’m half as good as you in handy work. Hehe! Take care.

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