Just a ramble…

It started off with a simple 125 and then over time, I found myself having to upgrade my computer memory. Why?

Just to play computer games! I’m on Dungeon Siege II now…was installing Neverwinter but I ran into some problems. Dang!


Anyway, since moving to Switzerland, I have left my Damien (the desktop) behind, given it to my mother for her use – I think she goes on it mostly to chat with me on Yahoo. I settled instead for a laptop my brother gave me. The memory is just sufficient (if not quite well) for what I do regularly on this laptop – surf the Net, edit some pictures that I put up on my blog here and chat with people.

Nil’s computer is more “high-tech” than mine and therefore requires higher computer memory, something which he bought back in Malaysia – I think sometimes he still complains it’s too slow anyway. The man’s never satisfied…

Anyway, I’m just rambling…for the sake of it.


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