…the house smells like garlic now.

Now, it’s not because I ate a boatload of garlic. Neither did I buy ten kilos of the pungent bulbs. It’s just that after making my usual rounds at the balcony, I discovered that my kalanchoe was heavily infested with aphids and then those flying bugs around my ginger and other houseplants which I thought were innocent might actually be flying aphids!!!!

Apparently infestations start off with a couple of flying aphids which will move from plant to plant. The last thing I want is these pests near my roses so after sacrificing my kalanchoe to a massive prune (I had to lob EVERYTHING off. *sob*), I scouted the Net for non-toxic pesticide and discovered that aphids dislike chives, cloves, anise, lavender and hear, hear, garlic. Garlic is used because it contains naturally occurring sulphur which acts as an antibacterial agent and fungus preventative.

Of course there are other alternatives like Orange Spray which uses orange peel and water or Yarrow Tea which utilizes yarrow plant and brewed coffee. But because I don’t really have oranges or yarrow at hand, I settled for the Garlic Spray recipe instead.

One site called for one crushed garlic bulb to be added to two cups of water and the mixture ought to set for a day or two before straining for further usage. Another called for crushed garlic soaked in oil for a day or two before adding some to water and dish washing detergent. My recipe has a slight adjustment to it – I crushed half a bulb of garlic in some water and add some dish washing detergent before spraying all my plants with the stuff.

The results? The house smells a little like garlic but guess what? ALL the flying aphids are dead!!!!!!!!!! HURRAH! What’s next? Orange & Lemon Spray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For more information on natural alternatives to pesticides, go here and here.

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