The American holiday!

Visa-issues aside, Nil (and I) have been thinking of make a trip to the US – it has always been on his list, the whole Grand Canyon exploring thing among other stuff – and after my parents’ trip last year to the States, well, lets just say that he brings it up at every opportunity he gets!

I’m still trying to delay it because of the whole visa thing; it’s pretty difficult for Malaysians to obtain a visa and once you’re rejected, you can forget about ever applying again…or so I have been told.

Sure, I would love to check out the States but for purely selfish motives – I want to do more yarn shopping!!!!!!!!! This would probably entail me bugging him to head over to the West Coast instead of the East. He may not jump on the idea; after all, this hubby of mine is pretty selective when it comes to travelling. I don’t think he’ll even bite if I try to feed him this “Orlando vacations” thing. Theme parks are just not his style…even though he did enjoy the water slide at Sunway Lagoon.

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. Right now, we have a budget to think of not to mention other family commitments. Life is really different when you’re married, y’know.


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  1. i think you worry too much … heh … i don’t think i know/heard anybody who has their application for a visa to US get rejected … most of my friends even manage to get 10 years.

  2. Lynn: Two of my mum’s friends had their visa applications rejected when they applied back home (rumours has it that the KL embassy is tougher than most places) – one was told to the face not to bother applying again as her applications will never ever be approved. It’s easier if you’re married and working…in my case, I’m not working at the mo. But we’ll see how it goes. If the money situation picks up, I might just brave the trip (to the embassy, that is). *kekeke*

  3. i know of someone who had her US visa application rejected a couple of times – third time was the charm although she did meet the US ambassador briefly and may have conveyed her woes but I don’t think that was a major factor!

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