When one reaches a mental block…

Dark spring Pablo in the making!

Even though it’s freeform, it isn’t all that easy blogging about popcorn machines when it’s hardly about making popcorn or buying a machine for that purpose. You’d be surprised to know that there are vendors out there for cinema machinery and equipment online – yes, I know you can find them offline but these machines in differing styles – contemporary, branded, antique, theatre-style, etc.

After cracking my head for a few minutes, I got distracted by Mr Bean’s Holiday and a new project. I know I’m not supposed to cast on any more knitting projects until I get rid of my toe-up Monkeys but I simply couldn’t resist!!!!!!!! So yes, here’s to another sock in the making…

On a completely unrelated note, the weather is supposed to hit an all high of 29 C but it’s just been sunny and breezy. I hope it continues on this way; I’ll die if it gets any warmer than 30 C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m just not a “hot weather” girl.

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