Paying It Forward results!

After a simple dinner of grilled lamb slices, fresh salad and bread, and a nice hot soak in the tub, Nil and I proceeded to start on the raffle draw for the little Paying It Forward program that I started off last Thursday.

I must say one thing though – Nil has a strangely odd system of drawing out these little names. Anyway, six lucky names have been chosen – three for the Care Draw and three for the Bonus Draw.

What exactly will I be getting?
Depending on which draw you fall under, you’ll be receiving a little package with heaps of practical stuff. Under the Care Draw, winners can choose from a variety of categories (Knits, Food, Gardening, Beauty, Crafts, General) and in the Bonus Draw, winners will receive a little package containing goodies from the General category – don’t worry about getting non-useable stuff. I don’t work that way!!!!!!!!!!!!1

What I can guarantee are some good Swiss chocolates (I’ll ask you to specify dark or milk chocolate – I know some people don’t fancy milk chocs) in each of these little packs together with something that is Swiss (yes, touristy stuff).

When will I be getting this?
I’ll be very frank – Nil and I are putting this together, not just me so it’ll take some time. After all, I’ll be mailing this from Switzerland, and with the programs we have on for the next few months (weddings, baptism, tour guide) as well as my knitting projects together with blogging about things like “used cisco“, lets just say that things might get crazy soon.

Nevertheless, I promise that you’ll receive your pack by December. I’ll send out emails once the packages are in the mail and let you know whether I sent it via ground or airmail – I need to check how $$$ this is going to cost my pocket!!!

So who’s under what category???
In the Care Draw

Paying It Forward I Paying It Forward II Paying It Forward III

In the Bonus Draw

Paying It Forward VI Paying It Forward V Paying It Forward IV

If I’m one of the winners, what do I do?
Over the next few days, I’ll be sending out an email asking you for your address, what kind of chocolate you prefer, and those in the Care Draw, for your chosen category. After that, just wait for my email telling you that your package is on the way. In the meantime, you could start on your own Pay It Forward program and don’t forget to drop me a link just so I can see if you’re having any fun!


If I didn’t win…?
You could start by blaming Nil because he was the one who drew the names…but seriously, feel free to try this out on your blog or in real life.

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  1. YEAH !!!!! I GOT IT !! Thanks Mabel and Nil, will starting blogging this out to pass on.. hahaa..

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