Paying it forward…

[UPDATE] Comments closed as of 11:11 pm on Sunday.

As per a promise I made to a very nice gal, I’m forwarding the “Pay It Forward” I think I may receive from Kessa (she’s the very nice gal).

This is based on the concept from the movie “Pay It Forward” where you do acts or deeds of kindness without expecting something in return; the only condition is that the person who receives that act of kindness passes it on to someone else and so forth.

So basically, I will send a little care package with some goodies (be it knitting, spinning, food, crafts, gardening, cooking, etc) to three people who leave a comment on this post. It will be sent to you within 6 months. What you have to do – if you get chosen – is to make the same promise on your blog and carry it out. If there are more than three people, Nil will get to choose the names – somewhat like a lucky draw; I would have gotten one of my dogs but I don’t have any anymore, just plants. XD

Note: Depending on my mood that day, I might be tempted to draw more than three names so pray that I be as cheerful as a lark! But the minimum is still three.

This will remain open until Sunday, when I get back from Marseille, so honestly, what are you waiting for????

ps: If you don’t have a blog, it’s okay, you can still participate (I don’t mind really – rules are meant to be broken) – you can either open it up in a forum that you go to or email me about your experience and I’ll share it here on this blog.

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  1. that’s a very nice and kind gesture for your readers. have you actually watch the movie, “Pay It Forward”? it’s quite an old show but it’s definitely one of my favourites. very touching movie. hmm…must go and look for that DVD now.

  2. Hi, gotta say, interesting concept you have there. I did watch Pay It Forward many many years ago, but the ending, it stopped short of literally crushing my heart into pieces. Eh, what about those who dont blog ah? Can we, in some other way, carry out a good deed?

  3. I’ve never watched the movie but I Googled it after reading your post and wow, great line-up of actors- Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, Haley Joel Osment…definitely will get the DVD to watch it. πŸ™‚

  4. Wow Mabel, I remember watching the movie many, many years ago… was besotted with the cute little boy from Sixth Sense.. hehehehe.. So how does this work? If there’s no blog, can I do something for 3 chosen people instead? Or it has to be some random people?

  5. Su Yin: If you get picked, what you can do is start a thread somewhere (maybe on MB) and then depending on how many people commented, you can run it like a raffle and pick three people from there. Or it can be the first three who leave a comment. It’s up to you really… Since there are more than three people, I’ll do mine random – it’s a little bit more “fair” that way because of the time difference and different reading habits.

    Sally: I thought it would be more fun (for me and the recipient) to get goodies that they like – for example, if someone likes gardening, I can plonk in some seeds, hand cream and what-nots PLUS some Swiss chocs and local and/or French yums. XD (Besides, I might go nuts knitting stuff for more than 3 people!). XD

  6. This is very interesting !!! It’s very nice of you Mabel, if there’s more than three people i think easiest would be just pick the first πŸ˜€

  7. Hey Mei

    I forgot to mention – I read your article in the Star last month re: Children of Malaysian women not being eligable for citizenship.