Sock addiction.

Monkeys, the toe-up way!

Boy o’ boy have I got it bad but of lately, I’ve been buying up sock yarn – after yesterday’s new purchase, I have nearly 15 pairs of socks waiting to be knitted; these include the two that I’m currently working on, Toe-Up Monkeys (see pic above) and a simple stockinette pair for Nil.

The trouble is not so much the purchase of yarns, but the acquiring of gorgeous, addictive patterns – blame Ravelry for my “misery”, really… but in my to-do queue, I have

On a completely different note, how do you juggle knitting, cross-stitch, MyLotting (I have another 3 bucks to go before payout day!), writing for stuff like Cobra golf clubs and a visit from the mother-in-law?

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  1. ooh. monkey socks. very pretty. what needle size are you using? anyway, i’m planning to knit some socks for tian too. but his feet is huge and long. boy…i wonder will take me how long to knit a pair of socks for him!!

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