IT and my man.

No, I don’t mean IT (that horror movie) or it (as in the noun that refers to an object/animal)… I mean I.T. or Information Technology, a common abbreviation that people use to refer to computers and the knowledge that comes with it.

So, what do things like patch panels, IT and my hubby have in common?

At this very moment, nothing.

Nil’s computer just went through another bout of battling Trojan Generic viruses; and the owner, as usual, blows his top because he wants to be in front of the computer, punching (rather banging) the keyboards instead of his wife helping him solve the problem.

The funny thing is this – I can easily do the same without him throwing a tantrum when he’s in front of the computer and I’m sitting next to him. Sometimes I just think he wants to feel in control of his computer.

It is at times like this that I’m reminded of one fact – some men just don’t do well without control, especially when the control is handed over (willingly or otherwise) to their wives.


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