Reviving an old forgotten favourite…

An old favourite...

I used to have this love-hate relationship with cross stitch. I would always be in awe of how gorgeous the patterns can be just by stitching on these little Xs but I’d hate how long and meticulous these pieces can be…

My earliest (and painful) memories of cross stitch would be me starting halfway and then just chucking it aside.

Until I went to Australia and discovered Dimension Stamped/No-Count kits! Stamped or no-count basically means that the outline of the design is imprinted onto the cloth, so you just fill in the areas according to the instructions. The kit also comes with needles, and threads (pre-sorted or otherwise) I remember seeing a few unique ones, especially with metallic gold threads included. I made the mistake of not bringing them back; all four/three of my kits together with other accessories like my frames ended up either in the trash or with Salvation Army. To be sure, you’ll have to ask my ex.

So you could say that I was rather glad that I caught this bug again nearly three months into life here. Cross stitch gives me a much needed break from the constant knitting that I do, plus there is just something serene about needlework. Over here, they don’t do huge pieces of cross stitch for framing; this particular needlework is used more as a decorative stitching so getting the same Dimension kits had required some ingenuity and hunting on my part.

Nevertheless, I’m happy with the current two kits that I have – even though they are a little on the same side. It’ll do for now…


  1. i love cross stitch! They were my first foray into needlework as a little girl… After cross stich came big things like embroidery, tapestry and knitting!

    Are you cross stitching pictures/cushion covers etc?

  2. Hi Mable, before I start anything here, may I know if you are *blip* in the bridal forum? I like “her” post – straight to the point and infomative. šŸ™‚

    Well, nice piece of work. Passion is running high urging me to pick up the needles again. But I have left all my equipments in KL… I am staying in Perth now, perhaps I should pay a visit to Salvation Army to find some stuff left behind by ex-neddlework lovers.

    Mabel Reply:

    Yes, the one and the same. šŸ™‚

    LOL…I am slowly moving through my knitting coz am too big to do anything else. šŸ™‚

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