When you are starved of books…

I’m starved for books, specially English books.

After being surrounded by at least six boxes of books back at home, I now have problems adjusting to the lack of English books. Sure, I could always spend some cash and buy them here but the stores don’t exactly have a fantastic, to-die-for range of literary stuff.

Forget about looking for non-fiction books like those on food, crafts and what-not. Almost every single English book available for sale is a fiction and even then, it depends on what you’re after. Classics like Anais Nin? Don’t bother even looking for them!

There is the option of buying them from specialized French bookstores but still, it’s nothing like back at home. I supposed the same could be said if Nil were to look for French books in Singapore or KL. O’well…

Anyway, I could buy them online – I tried getting this pregnancy books by Mirriam Stoppard from Ebay. It took nearly three weeks to arrive. *sigh* I guess I’ll just have to cope with the drought or wait patiently for my stash from home to slowly start arriving.

I hope Mum packed in my knitting and baking books…I need them badly!

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  1. Have you tried Amazon.de? You can get inexpensive or free shipping to Switzerland and the selection is pretty good.

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