Sweet sweet rose(s)…

My new rose bush!

Since it’s spring and we were getting new pots for the ginger plant that’s growing like crazy (we are cheapos – don’t want to buy a new plant and all) as well as the dahlia(s) that are starting to eat me out of “garden” space, I stopped over at Migros, the local hypermarket-like store for some soil and saw miniature roses on sale.

Now I’ve always had a thing for roses even though my first rose bush ended up as a bush more than a bush with flowers. Plus today, everyone at the morning market seem to be buying lilas (it’s to celebrate the Flower Festival, I think….) and I wanted to get some flowers of my own… So I thought, why not get a little bush of something that will bloom and then still carrying on living instead of blooming and then just dying off into nothing?

And that’s how I ended up with a peach-orange-yellow tinged miniature rose named Rosier Forever. It comes from Denmark but has little care instructions so I have to search online with this other forum that I’m part of… I hope it continues to do well…

In case you’re wondering, my cyclamens are blooming like crazy (especially the red one, I’m expecting another four flowers on top of the two that are in bloom now), my dahlia(s) is sprouting leaves like there is no tomorrow, my kalanchoe is still alive despite those shrivel-y blooms and my African Violets are doing okay (the first one is shedding off its blooms, leaves are good; the second one is thriving but the third one is all limpy now…gack!)…

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  1. Those roses are really pretty! I just got my dad some white orchids for his birthday and I’m anticipating seeing them bloom.

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