In case you missed out on the details…

Of lately, I’ve been running into old friends on Facebook and making new ones all over the Internet.

So I thought a nice little entry on what and where I am in my life would be nice – somewhat like a recap of my life since January 2007, y’know.

I am currently a house manager, or in layman terms, a housewife. Here is a glimpse into my daily routine.

I wake up in the mornings around 730am after getting a goodbye kiss from Nil thirty minutes earlier.

Then I spent a good part of my mornings in front of my laptop, checking up on my blog, some forums that I’m part of and review/writing sites for any new assignments. Yes, I make money from writing sponsored posts – it’s not all that great but it gives me some allowance money on top of what I get from Nil.

Occasionally, I work on my housechores while I’m online – this includes vacuum-ing, dusting, sweeping, moping, gardening and tidying up the place. If Nil forgets about the dishes, I’ll do this as well.

Monday afternoons is the time to head out for groceries, if I need any, but otherwise on other days, I usually head out for groceries around 11am and come back around 2pm to a late lunch. Then it’s time for other stuff – knitting, learning French, writing, napping and etc. Then around 4pm, I head out for a brisk walk/jog around the lake nearby – this happens every two days but I’m trying to make it a daily affair.

Preparation for dinner starts when I get back; the place needs sprucing up and usually, by the time Nil gets home, dinner will be ready and fresh from the pot/pan/oven.

And no, I’m not one of those siew lai lai who spends her time doing nothing.

I got married in February to my boyfriend of three over years – he’s French and that would make me his Asian wife. *grin*

The following day after my reception dinner, I moved over to Switzerland to join him. He works as a constructor/design engineer with a heart valve company here in Neuchatel, a town on the French part of Switzerland.

On some weekends, we make a trip back to Lyon where Nil is from and hang out with my in-laws and his friends.

We would love to have children and have been trying since we got married. We got lucky in March but last week, we discovered that it was a blighted ovum – you can read more about it here – so we’re back on the TTC (Trying To Conceive) road.

Future plans
I’d love to work but the paperwork for my permit is still ongoing (Wisma Putra needs to give me my letter of good conduct and that takes more than two months!!!!) and I’ll have to play catch-up with my French.

Once that is done, I’m hoping to get a job doing proofreading, writing or teaching – I’m not fussy so as long as I feel that I can do the job and am qualified for it, I’ll take it.

Oh, and my mum is coming in less than one month. OMIGOD!

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  1. hi!
    Just in case if you’re still trying to get the letter of good conduct – maybe it’s because you’re not in Msia but as far as I know, you can get it done within a day. How come you’ve been told it takes months?
    *scratches head*

  2. FeR: Hi! I’m not in M’sia – hence why it takes longer. If you were in KL, then yes, it’ll take just a day! Thanks for the comment.

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