Granddad and his glasses…

My first memories of the magnifying glass was watching my wrinkled grandfather attempt to read a newspaper with something that looked as old as he was. Since he passed away, the magnifying glass he often used is left hidden away in one of the drawers at home. I never thought much about it…or him until I got this assignment.

Magnifying glasses have come a long way since my grandfather’s death. They have them on watches and in all sorts of sizes and shapes. If he was alive, my grandfather would have been the most stylish old gent around…at least in my eyes.

Truth be told, I don’t really know him that well. He passed away when I was around ten and before then, I didn’t speak much Hokkien (a Chinese dialect) so we weren’t exactly conversation buddies. I did remember my dad talking of his carefree personality and how he loved all his grandchildren, especially my brother and myself. We were the only ones in the family that carried names he personally gave…my other cousin’s names were bestowed by my grandmother.

I like to think that he was a gentle-hearted man who gave his children little material things but many important qualities like diligence, hard-work and appreciation for life itself. It was a pity that he died bedridden, after suffering from two strokes…but come to think of it, God must have loved him well enough.

Sometimes I think despite the fact that he used glasses to read, he could see clearer than any one of us. I wish I got to know him way better than I did.

Maybe in the future…

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