Colour rules!

Our razzle dazzle table setting!

At least in our home!

Our guests were treated to a non-standard table setting for four where we mixed the dishes and placemats up…just because we can. Well, it was more of me because Nil was busy getting ready to go pick up our guests from the train station. He did give his thumbs up though…

Our menu was the same as well – a fusion lunch, so to speak, where we kick start with a French salad (no pics coz we whacked them all), two Asian main courses topped with rice and an American dessert with a twist (which turned out to be more like ice cream coz the gelatine here isn’t quite…gelatine-like!).

The plain dishes were bought via my SIL who currently lives in a town famous for making porcelain dishes – cost us about 80 euroes for 36 pieces…I think. The rest were wedding gifts from my MIL and my SIL’s in-laws. The water goblets (white patterned) are ours – bought in Switzerland – and the wine goblets were a gift from my HB’s cousin. I should have taken a photo of our wine decanter…but I was too caught up with everything else.

No wine racks though – we don’t really consume enough wine with the pregnancy and all plus Nil prefers beer with most of the food. Maybe in the near future when we are more settled.

O’well…another time…


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