Glasses & decanters

One of our first few wedding gifts was a set of decanter and four wine glasses from Nil’s cousins. I’m not much of a wine drinker but I can appreciate a good set of glasses when I see one.

So when this assignment came through in the form of wine glasses, I decided to see if I could find it on the website. The closest I got to the set we received is the Riedel set – stemless. Riedel appears to be a well-known name, a glassware company specializing in wine glasses and decanters (among other glassware items).

It is interesting to note that Riedel has a “Wine and Glass Guide” on their website – you’ll find that glasses for cognac is different from grappe or even port. Quite informational, even if you’re not into wines.


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  1. I was looking into getting stemless wine goblets too, and I saw Reidel’s at a departmental store. OMG, like US$10 per goblet leh… But they are sure nice. I think I might just settle for cheaper ones…

  2. Christine: Yeah…I don’t think mine were cheap as well…sometimes I think it’s crazy how much people would spend on stuff. 😛

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