More FOs!

Today is an extremely productive day – I completely two projects!!!

Looking down on my brand new house socks!
My finished elfine socks The heel-y bits The side top view

Elfine Socks
Pattern | Elfine Socks by Anna
Yarn | Sockenwollen Wool in Teal
Needles | 2.75 mm DPNs (very loose cast off by using 5 mm needles)

I have always been fascinated with handknitted socks, particularly lace ones and when I picked this pattern, I had no idea that it would be this addictive!

I had a superb time knitting this pair; the pattern was interesting and easy to remember PLUS the feel of the wool against my skin and the needle made it all the more easier to chug quickly along!

The bind off is still a little bit tad loose but it’s for wearing at home so I guess it’ll be alright anyway. As long as it goes over and past my heel, I’m happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

A nameless, faceless and armless kitty toy!

A nameless, faceless and armless kitty aka Pink Kitty
Pattern | Stuffies by Ysolda Teague
Yarn | Schachenmayr nomotta Morena in Pink
Needles | 4mm circulars (2 x 75cm)

First things first – I HATE KNITTING SMALL DIAMETERS WITH TWO THICK AND LONG CIRCULARS! I didn’t have any 4mm DPNs with me and I certainly didn’t want to spend more than necessary for this project by buying new needles so I stuck to using my circulars which was fine if the diameter was big…but as it grew smaller, omigod…

I even ended up bruising my thumb!!!!!!!!

So Pink Kitty ended up becoming armless. Nil doesn’t know what to make of it – he thinks it’s cute yet strange but it’s a funny toy anyway. Hardly perfect – one less is shorter than the other and the head flops to one side – and I honestly don’t know what the recipient will make of it.

Honestly, I want to keep it simply because I think it’s cute!

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  1. Lovely socks! I hate knitting socks, so am always at people who love em – I wish I like knitting them 🙁

    Is your kitty going to have a face?

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