Electronics I’m telling you I don’t need you!
I hate the fact that you always ALWAYS cost more than food.
I hate the fact that even though I say I don’t need you,
I would really love to own you.
Stand mixers, LCD screens, the latest kitchen electronics
Gadgets, I don’t need you!
But I sure as hell want you!

Don’t mind me, I’m just in a random mode – this is what happens when you’ve spent the weekend looking for electronics and gadgets that you really wish you had. I have my eye on this stand mixer by Bosch/Electrolux (I’m not picky) and an ice cream maker, and Nil wants to get a vaccuum cleaner together with gawd knows what else. Sometimes he has his eye on stuff but never gives it away. Makes buying presents tough…

ARGH! If only…well, maybe it’s time to check out that second hand shop in town. I did see some stand mixers on display!


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  1. don’t buy an ice cream maker! I’ve got one and have only used it…. twice!? You can make ice cream just as well with your cake mixer, so having a good mixer is a better buy šŸ™‚ Plus you’ll have allt hat extra space in your kitchen!

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