Creams and more creams!

I swear sometimes being a woman isn’t exactly what it’s all cracked up to be, especially when it comes to caring for our bodies!

Due to constant media exposure and the highly unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves and our bodies, we end up stocking a whole range of lotions and what-nots just so we can retain and enhance our youthful appearance. We look for reviews on the best moisturiser with anti-ageing properties, the top wrinkle cream of the century, and we can even go so far as to look for the best fat burner as well.

It doesn’t escape pregnant women – the hormones play havoc on our skin and stretch marks? Well, you can bet that if we can find a miracle cure for that, we’d get our hands on it as well.

You could say that I’m just ranting – I’m no different. I have two sets of moisturizers, a whole storage box load of creams, lotions and gels…and well, I’m a Body Shop nut. Go figure!

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