More food! – Part I

Weekends are almost always massive cooking days for me simply because I have to prepare breakfast, lunch AND dinner instead of just a meal!

Fresh wholemeal loaf!

Breakfast saw us downing some freshly baked wholemeal loaf with juice, coffee (for Nil) and milk (for me). I basically followed the recipe suggested by Moulinex, using the bio wholemeal flour bag I bought from Coop for around 2.50 CHF.

If you’re into breads and baked goods, you’ll be glad to know that Switzerland has a few different types of flours – bleached, semi-bleached, wholemeal, and at least a few more varieties suitable for making brioche, etc. The Moulinex bread machine allows for a delayed program start so after punching a few buttons, it was on timer mode to complete baking by 7:30 in the morning!

It definitely beats going to the bakery yourself…especially during winter!

Beef curry indian style!

Nil enjoys a good dose of spice every now and then, and I’m beginning to discover that many European people don’t quite know what to make of spicy food. Curries here are usually bland and more tumeric-ish than chilli-hot, and people find the smell overpowering…even pungent. It’s funny we could say the same for their mustard.

At the moment, I enjoy these spicy delights simply because of the effect it has on my nausea – ginger, and a hit of chilli makes it all go away, which is great if you don’t want to keep feeling sick all the time.

I dug into my supply of Baba’s Meat Curry powder and spice shelf – cinnamon, star anise, fennel, cloves, cumin and cardamon – and came away with a curry fit for…well, us poor folks here who are far away from nasi lemak and assam laksa land.

I ought to make a note and let mum know to get more of these curry powder mixes – I wonder if she could bring them in by the kilos????


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  1. There is a website which I came across from someone’s blog- which sells pretty good stuff from Malaysia. Don’t know about the shipping costs to Lyon though because they’re based in the States. Have you managed to find an Asian supermarket near your place yet? Usually they stock up a lot of curry spices- some of which I have never even heard of.
    I know how you feel- Arch and I had curry three nights in a row. 🙂

  2. miracle: Ooooo, I ought to check that site out – always fun! Thanks!

    There are two shops in town, but usually Nil takes me to the asian hypermarket in Lyon which is WAYYYY bigger – it’s more like a warehouse. They have more choices there and it is cheaper as well! XD

    I still have enough to last me for a few more months…it helps when your mum’s bringing some in! 😆

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