Mortgage lenders

I have always found banking difficult to grasp – maybe it’s because I’m not exactly a numbers kind of person. The basics are fine but everything else, like mortgage, loans and trust funds…well, I take a while to understand them and I usually do better if I get to do some research online.

Part of this assignment was to do a write-up on mortgage lenders – the angle and presentation is up to the writer. The only limitation is mentioning the link with its keyword and naturally a minimum word count of 60 per assignment.

While browsing through this mortgage lenders‘ site, I noticed that there are some calculators related to your budget and interests. There is a learning centre where you can discover more knowledge on consolidating equity (still a big word for me), and even how you go about applying for a mortgage…and more!

Now, it may not be applicable to the Swiss context but it’s better than knowing nothing – extra knowledge is always good!

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